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Featured woman of the week: Kendra!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Your Life. Your Path. Your Story

Kendra utilizing her gear to enjoy her meal comfortably

Hello, I’m Kendra! I’m a mom and social worker, and I love being active outdoors!

I met Raquel when our sons shared classes in elementary school. I love her positive, infectious energy and wanted to get on board! I joined the group because I love hiking and wanted to become more acquainted with the many areas to hike in the Bay Area with a group of awesome people!

This group attracts women who are confident, ambitious, caring, supportive, diverse, fun-loving, and willing to share their unique gifts with others.

My favorite moments are the majestic experiences we’ve shared, like seeing animals up close -in Point Tamales; the Elk ran in a line right in front of us and up the hillside-SO COOL!

I also love the laughter and the shared love of nature and health. One of life’s greatest joys is adventuring into nature long enough to work up a good appetite and gather with wonderful people to eat tasty, healthy food. Oh, and often we dance to the groovy tunes! The BEST! I miss these hikes when I’m unable to join. My preference is to do two a month, but the timing doesn’t always line up.

Kendra second from the left sporting her w.o.m.e.n cap and relishing in the post hike views.

I cherish every hike! They help me find my center again when I get pushed off course. I’ve made some great friendships!! I learn something every time. Some of the toughest hikes often turn out to be the most memorable, like the one where my leg kept cramping, and I hobbled up the steep climb to finish the Mt. Diablo hike. It was brutal, but new friends kept me company, and the view and meal at the end were divine!

Women are super supportive. It’s okay to hike solo within a group. Now I’m a much more confident hiker. These hikes are better than a spa day. Ha ha!

Kendra's tip to you:

"No matter your pace, it’s okay. Be where you are in the moment."

Kendra fills in the blank:

I would never go on a hike without bringing my backpack full of gear (water, pad to sit on, hat, snack, first aid kit).

Connecting with w.o.m.e.n outdoors means getting centered and grounded in the feminine self.

Spending time outdoors with other women has allowed me to be carefree, have fun and affirm my life experiences.

From Raquel,

Your perseverance, kindness and positive outlook are a great asset to this group, thank you for being you and braving the outdoors with us.

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