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We are one connecting outdoors. We soak in nature's gifts, and in nature, we escape. Our space to disconnect, feel free and be ourselves. Nature speaks. We listen. We tell the story.

JOIN our events today, move in nature and celebrate each event ending it with a gourmet meal.

if you are attending an event, please download PDF to sign the liability release and email it back to or bring it on the event day.

No upcoming events at the moment

Best ending to a beautiful hike by the beach, sun, and great company! Delicious food, very happy belly—Masha

What a fabulous day—perfect temp, cool weather, amazing trails, butt-kickin' bootie half marathon with beautiful women. Thank you we are so blessed. From bay leaf aroma, "pep-le-pew" skunk, manzanita groves, and rocks with faces, my mind-body, and spirit are full. But wait! A gourmet meal and wine to boot. It doesn't get better. —Kristen

OMG, this is torture, sitting here waiting for food! After 12 miles (!!!) of outstanding hiking company and super with heat! Raquel's enthusiasm! Love it, love it, love it!!!—Natasha

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