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Featured Woman of the Week: Sharon!!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Your Life. Your Path. Your Story

Sharon with her trusty collapsible cup and lovely meal!

My name is Dr. Sharon Mowat and I am a Pediatric Hospitalist.

My passion for my patients and working with like-minded physicians and healthcare givers inspired me to take on a physician leadership position as well.

Now I lead clinical operations for the local area surrounding Mt. Diablo for a major multi-specialty medical group.

My favorite part of my leadership position is coaching and developing others to succeed and stay well.

My friend Nancy introduced me to the group. Hiking and food--what’s not to like!

I love the conversation. I always learn something new and all of a sudden I’ve hiked up a hill or gone 5 miles!

I’m inspired by Raquel’s infectious energy as well as her tremendous organizational skills

I love delicious, tasty, and healthy food. Raquel is so creative and inspires me to cook more at home as well! Our family is more plant-based now I’ve even started a garden.

"It’s like a fancy fieldtrip. You show up and get spoiled! I love it!"
Sharon with her black w.o.m.e.n hat!! and leader Raquel

After working so hard all week, it is so wonderful and healing to be spoiled with time outdoors, beautiful scenery and yummy food.

Also it helps me role model healthy behaviors at home and at work.

I was inspired to share this with my female colleagues with a work sponsored event!

Now everyone is hooked.

I have met wonderful people. I always feel better and accomplished doing something nice for myself as well as connecting with friends. With the past 2 years under the Covid cloud, the events have been a saving grace to stay active and connected with people.

Reaching the top of Mt. St. Helena. Sharon's first w.o.m.e.n event

Sharon's tip to you:

Don’t forget your collapsible cup and water bottle! Most important is sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) for your face, hands and lips.

women having fun mid trail making the w.o.m.e.n sign. Not as easy as you think :) Sharon is here forming the N

Sharon fills in the blank:

I would never go on a hike without bringing my W.O.M.E.N. black hat!!!

Connecting with w.o.m.e.n outdoors means doing something great for myself and connecting with others!

Spending time outdoors with other women has allowed me to have great conversations and learn about all the talented women in our community!

From Raquel,

I learned about your purpose during the first event you participated. We both aim to be women connectors and provokers of mindful changes among them. Your initiatives and leadership inspire me. We are inspired by passion and giving our knowledge to others to give them space, grow, or teach them to be more. I thank you for your welcoming presence in our group and your support and shares of knowledge. We keep moving. We make a difference. I appreciate your love for our community, and I can't wait to walk many more trails and share many more great meals with you. Thank you.

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