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Feature Woman: Nadia!!!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Your Life. Your Path. Your Story


My name is Nadia and I was born in Minsk, Belarus, but Bay Area has been my home since 15 years old.

I am now a mom, a proud cook, and a creative spirit who loves art, interior design, and deep long-lasting friendships.


"I joined the w.o.m.e.n group through my mom Lana, who met Raquel via Masha during one of the pre-pandemic 2019 hikes. "


Can't beat the scientific explanation of why I love hiking with the group - women thrive by sharing life experiences and stories with one another, and that's something generally lacking in today's society.

I feel like we are getting back to our prehistoric selves, and even if the hikes get challenging, it's fun together, rather than daunting.


My favorite part of the gourmet food is a simple answer - Raquel's food, which never fails to please my taste buds and is a perfect company, every time.

My favorite part of the events is when I take my first bite and sip post-hike, and finally, plop my butt on the chair as my feet ache from all this hiking!

"I have learned that I am more resilient than I think and that every person we speak to is an infinite universe of stories, wisdom, and possibilities." - Nadia on the left

It's the best time and one of my favorite things to do ( when I am able to do it!) it makes a difference in my life, definitely.

Nadia's tip to you:

Bring an extra foldable backpack, breathable clothing, an extra layer, of sunscreen, and mixed nuts to share. Wear a hat.


Nadia fills in the blank:

I would never go on a hike without bringing a fresh pair of socks and different shoes to change into for our yummy meal.

Connecting with w.o.m.e.n outdoors means I get to share the beauty of our planet, through a lens of the sisterhood - together we can literally go much further.

Spending time outdoors with other women has allowed me to slow down and take much-needed time for myself while enjoying and learning from the company of incredibly strong, brave, and vulnerable women.

Nadia is second to the left. Grasping energy from the green lush at Shell Ridge

From Raquel,

Thank you for bringing your witty humor and passionate soul to the group. I know how challenging it is for you to escape motherhood responsibilities with your little bundle of joy. Still, when you are free to show up among us, your sincere being is something I genuinely appreciate from you. Thank you for your smiles and openness and for sharing your being with us whenever possible. We keep on moving. We connect outdoors and finish with great food, as we know there is no better way to taste it than outdoors!

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