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Cultivating Mindful Moments Outdoors


Who We Are

w.o.m.e.n is a tribe of inclusive, extraordinary authentic women gathering and cultivating mindful moments outdoors while moving and enjoying nature. We are w.o.m.e.n. We feel free to be our unique us while connecting, learning, experiencing, adventuring, discovering, sharing effort, smiles, health, and empowering each other with every step we take.

We are women creators, innovators, curious souls, lovers, explorers, mothers, and professionals from all parts of the earth.

We are compassionate, supportive, incomparable, integrated, invincible, and independent.

In nature, we combine spirituality, raw emotions, and grit. We find balance and freedom, no judgment. We remove layers of what the world expects from us, such as expectations, privilege, safety, and fear. We are united and equal; we wear the same clothes, eat the same food, and walk the same paths. If we thought of nature being our partner, we would see nature expecting nothing from us but to be us humans, nothing else.

We w.o.m.e.n move one step at a time to make changes in our life to last for better health. Be fit. Be wealth. 

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