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Describe your feeling of being part of w.o.m.e.n in one word

Breath to fresh air—Masha Barmina

Love—Helen Cherkis

Grateful—Kendra Crenshaw

Connection—Yevgeniya Shafer

Community. Expansion. Friendship (Sorry I can't follow directions)—Irene Weisman

Food—Ann Rea

Challenge but cheered—Joy Johnson

Spectacular! Or Delish—Victoria Ruskovoloshina

Taken-care-of—Elena Izakson

Fun—Irina Tselikova

Inspiration—Carol Goya

Friendship—Linda Bowers

Something in between live and fun—Natasha Ermolova

Bond—Debbie Ahmadi

Empowered—Andrea Flores

Sisterhood—Jamie Rucki

New—Jennifer Zamora

I love w.o.m.e.n events because...

It soothes the soul and lifts one's spirit.—Jamie L. Rucki

It gives me lots of things to look forward to.—Sarah M. Carillos

Community, female power, priceless, unconditional connections, support structure.—Masha Barmina

It fills me with love, happiness and makes me content.—Natasha Ermolova

It gives me endorphins and makes my soul soar.—Irina Tselikova

Every event reminds me how compassionate, strong, and fun a woman's identity is and how it gets exponentially magnified when there are few of us together.—Masha Smirnova

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