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What to be Prepared for; Your First Backpacking Trip

If you didn’t get a chance to read the last blog, click on the image below to check it out:

Last time we talked about some things I wish I had known prior to my first backpacking trip. This time this will be about something similar, what to be prepared for. Parts of backpacking are unknown but important to be aware of.


You are out in the middle of nowhere

Be prepared to know that you don’t have civilization around you, in case something goes wrong it is a good idea that if you are going on longer trip, to have a tracker with you that a friend back at home can trace your location. I included a link to a helpful device below.

Fill your water whenever you get the chance

You never know when the next water source could be, so be drinking consistently throughout the hike and fill your water at any source even if you bottle is only halfway full. As I talked about on the first blog about backpacking, my first trip was in a desert, there was a river at the very beginning and then no water the rest of the time. Having to conserve water is difficult especially in a desert. Make sure to take advantage of any water you can.



You might get hurt, whether it is spraining your ankle, twisting it, or tripping on a rock (this did happen to me and I slid down a patch of gravel and still have a scar from it.) Bring a first aid kit, when I fell we didn’t even have bandaids, luckily we were walking to a campground up in the mountains and they had a small store for backpackers so they had something for me, but it is best to be prepared.

Random Weather changes

You don’t have service

You will see the most beautiful sights ever

Hopefully these past two blogs have been helpful, have fun and be safe!


Ariana Stanton

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