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I started the women outdoors movement to address challenges and concerns many women have, such as the fear of being alone outdoors or not having enough time for oneself.

I wanted to permit women to feel free of their daily responsibilities and be inspired by other women to move outdoors in a safe environment.

I AIM...

- to take WOMEN on a journey, creating new outdoor habits and even personal habits--

- feel safe and celebrate the outdoors

- bring them together, and discover, share, motivate, inspire, and ignite the passion for outdoors

As w.o.m.e.n ...

- connect in a supportive environment that is safe and local

- we find balance moving; we stay fit, and we reconnect in a friendly, welcoming club

- we focus on the now and have fun

- we empower each other

We make exploring trails part of our lives, and we experience a youthful euphoria in doing so.

Step by step, we are redefining w.o.m.e.n ( women outdoors moving to enjoy nature )


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