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How to Edit iPhone Images of Landscape to look Professional

It’s been a while since a blog has come out, but if you’ve been staying up to date you know that the last one was on how to take photos with your iPhone, so it looks like a professional camera took them. This blog is a continuation of that and now I’ll share some tips and tricks on how to edit them because the job of taking a good picture doesn’t end until after editing.

We can start with a type of picture that teenagers especially love to post all over their social media frequently. The sunset picture. Of course, an essential factor is to have taken a solid picture first that isn’t too crooked and has lines pointing to the sunset (like a road).

Here is a photo of a minor sunset, this could be a much better picture if it was taken from a different angle with the road pointing to the light source, however, we can still work with what we’ve got and fix it up a little.

First up we will adjust the light in the photo…

Step 1: Up the brilliance to a level that looks right for your image, for this one I set it to 33.

Step 2: Turn Highlights down (-22) and Shadows up (20).

Step 3: Turn down the brightness (-27)

Step 4: Turn up contrast (17)

Step 5: Turn up the black point slightly (6)

Now we can ever so slightly adjust the color of the image, we don’t want to do too much for these settings because it can warp the quality at times… It is mostly to give it the vibrant color that the camera couldn’t capture.

Step 1: Saturation up (8)

Step 2: Vibrance up (5)

The last few steps can be a free for all for you, just play around and see what adds to the image and what takes away from it, for my image I upped the definition to 10 so the clarity was better. Below is my finished product, I could try to straighten and crop the image as well…

Now that we have our sunset picture we can move on…

Recently, I went on vacation to Barcelona, it was amazing and I left with several photos that were similar in a way, they were mostly images of the streets, which are very characteristic of that part of Spain…

Here are two pictures I took, let’s fix them up a little.

I am going to straighten out the images so they are not crooked and all the lines are leading to the same point and try to make the buildings all as vertically straight as possible.

For the first image, the settings I used were:

Brilliance: 30

Highlights: -13

Shadows: 13

Brightness: -17

Contrast: 11

Black Point: 5

Saturation: 12

Vibrance: 13

For the second image, the settings I used were:

Brilliance: 42

Highlights: -30

Shadows: 26

Brightness: -34

Contrast: 21

Black Point: 6

Saturation: 8

Vibrance: 12

Here are my final products:

There are other images we could do, in general, though the settings will be similar for anything. Taking a picture of a lake? Straighten and crop as needed and base your editing levels on the ones I have shared. Same with mountain ranges.

Hopefully, this helped you!

Ariana Stanton

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