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Feature Woman: Anastasia!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Your Life. Your Path. Your Story

My name is Anastasia and I've been part of this gang for just a smidge over a year.

My friend, Natasha, has been raving about the hikes the w.o.m.e.n group does, and of course about the delicious gourmet lunches afterward, so I was tempted to give this experience a try.

I love hiking and backpacking and have done a lot of it over the years, but bonding together with other w.o.m.e.n over beautiful nature experiences and great food was something that I have never tried before. Once I got a taste, though, I was hooked. There is so much camaraderie, bonding laughs, and giggles - it's impossible not to fall in love with the energy, charisma, and sense of belonging all the women in the group share.

Anastasia (middle pink jacket) in her snazzy halloween costume!

The gourmet food prepared and served by our fearless leader-Raquel (I know such a cliché, right? But she really is our true leader and one the most fearless and energetic women I've met in my life!) is beyond delicious. It's always tailored to the season, it's extremely healthy and yummy. Besides, Raquel always ensures everyone is having a good time and feeling great!

Anastasia (red hat) enjoying a quick rest with the rest of the group!

I have definitely learned a thing or two about myself on our hikes. I know that I'm stronger than I think of myself. I know I have self-doubts, but there is nothing like a friendly shoulder to help you out when you need it most. I never realized how strong and powerful women's bonds could get. I'm a little bit (ok, a lot, if I'm completely honest!) of an introvert, but the w.o.m.e.n hikes draw me out of my shell, and I like that feeling.

Anastasia's tip to you:

I would never go on a hike without my water bottle (too plain of an answer, maybe, but staying hydrated is important!)


Anastasia fills in the blanks:

Connecting with w.o.m.e.n outdoors means being surrounded by breathtaking views and having great company to share the experience with.

Spending time outdoors with other women has allowed me to explore the various facets of my own personality, find new friends, and bond with a group of very strong and interesting ladies with that otherwise I would probably have never crossed paths.

Thank you, Raquel, for the wonder that is you and for all these experiences we enjoy together!

From Raquel

There are times we doubt to join, be, or learn. There are times friends push us to do all of it. I am so happy that Natasha brought you in! Yeah, you are new to the tribe, but new or old is all the same when we share the same path, idea, growth, and connection. We are just ONE. There is something so special about it, and you are as unique as that. You bring to our tribe some serious strength. You know when the body tells you to listen, and that is something no one can truly understand until they learn how great it is to live. You are life. Thank you. Thank you for opening yourself to the opportunity to be part of us. We are one, and we are w.o.m.e.n. We move. We become. We learn. We connect. We are!

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