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Being a w.o.m.e.n in nature means...

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

We are women moving outdoors and enjoying nature. The women's group was born with the idea of bringing women together and inspiring outdoor time. Discovering, sharing, motivating, and igniting the passion for the outdoor.

To be a woman in nature combines spirituality, raw emotions, and grit.

It means freedom. We remove layers of what the world expects from us, such as expectations, privilege, safety, and fear. We are united. We can be the same; we wear the same clothes, eat the same food, walk the same paths, get sore together, and escape the "reality" and roles we all have.

If you thought of nature being our partners, we would see nature expecting nothing from us but to be us humans, nothing else.

We don't have to worry about how we move within the female body or how society gauges us as females. In nature, there is no judgment. Our feminity and how we express it are not relevant to nature. We are just living the moment. We are being. It doesn't matter where we come from. We are equal. We move together, and we enjoy the stunning nature and views while we do so.

Women also have a unique and beautiful awareness of nature. Every woman has been empowered by her dedication, experience, and accomplishments. We cultivate mindful moments outdoors.

What are mountains for w.o.m.e.n

For women, mountains are not about how high or low they are. How tough they might be to climb or how easy they trek. They are meant to give us valuable time that was maybe lost during pregnancy, raising kids, and working. We give each other the push to be out there.

We breathe together. After each hike, we allow ourselves to take time to eat. Yes, that might seem simple, but it s done with no distractions, with connections one-on-one;

We smile, laugh, and eat healthy food. All in one table. We are equal. We are w.o.m.e.n

Are you w.o.m.e.n?

Join us!

Raquel Stanton

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