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Adventure Journal: Pacifica Beach

Updated: Mar 10, 2023


Today's hike was one for the books, for sure. The views were spectacular, and the weather was great. It started slightly cloudy, but the sun came out in the end and left us a little sun-kissed when we got home as a gift from mother nature, thanking us for exploring her beauty.

"Fantastic view, surfers, hikers, sun out, great food. Love this day!" - Nancy xoxo

Today's group of lovely ladies was:

Masha, Sharon, Kate, Nancy, Jamie, Yannick, Stri, Soyena, Judi, Natasha and Anastasia.

We also had some furry friends join us for the hike; they did not want to cooperate and sit still for a picture. They were too ecstatic about the waves!

While we thought the hike would be a breeze, it was a lot steeper than anticipated. But that's ok! We held onto each other and onto any branches we could grab. We learned that wearing a good pair of shoes is key when we have tougher terrain ;). And some trekking poles should always be packed in case :)

"Great hike in cool weather. Amazing ocean views, and lovely company of inspiring women. To top it off - always delicious food by Raquel. Always look out for the next event! Thank you!" - Anastasia & Natasha

The views were so worth it, and we even spotted a potential future hike in a cove...

Of course the part everyone enjoys, the food, was next. We had a man approach who was attracted to the advanced set up we had going and asked for assistance in opening his drinks, because we looked like pros.

Raquel gave a "show" on all the food she had set up. She had to fire her once trusty assistant Masha (she was chatting it up) for that day only, and appointed Yannick to the position.

"My favorite part of today was watching Raquel dance as she prepared our food. The light and life that she brings to us is always a highlight for me." -Kate


Special shoutout to Natasha who wore a foot brace, and still persevered through the slippery hike and did not complain once. Talk about a strong woman!!!


" Hiking surrounded by the freshness of the air, the sound of the ocean, the beauty of the trees and in the company of strong and amazing women, all inspired by the desire to break away from the "everyday" to take time to rejuvenate our spirits, is incredible! And just when you think it could not get any better, we sit on the beach to enjoy a spectacular Spanish inspired gourmet lunch! I feel happy, content and ready for the week ahead... So appreciative of time I took to nurture myself. Thank you!"

- Yannick

We w.o.m.e.n!

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