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10 reason why hiking is good for our soul

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

1/ Hiking gives us freedom

The mountains do not care who we are, what we do, what we weigh, where we are from, it treats everyone the same. We can be as free as we want to move, wander, connect in and out and be fit when we are around them and their environment. It activates our minds to be at the moment time fully.

2/ Hiking makes us happier

When we are hiking, our negative thought patterns in our heads vanish. Never underestimate the happiness effect' of being outdoors!

3/ Hiking clears the mind and reduces stress

Our lives bust of things to do daily, we feel we never have enough time. There are many excuses we can always put in our heads from keeping us inside all day. Going for a hike reduces our blood pressure and cortisol levels producing a calming effect only nature can offer - over and above all the benefits of exercise alone.

4/ Hiking makes us more creative and helps us resolve challenges

Researchers believe that all the extra mental stimulus and information bombardment we face daily overwhelms our brains resulting in reductions in our cognitive resources, limiting our creativity and problem-solving abilities. Getting out into nature away from these stimuli restores our depleted attention circuits, freeing up more brain power for creativity.

5/ Hiking makes us more generous

Whenever we hike tracks or trails for the first time or stumble upon an absolute gem of a natural feature, we always return home with a renewed appreciation for mother nature. The corresponding increases in positive emotions make us feel a heightened sense of gratefulness and increases our generosity towards those around us.

6/ Hiking connects and gives us time for ourselves

We carve time to walk; we allow us to step away from the routine we are used to, and we find inner peace; our mind gets uncluttered and filled only with the sounds of nature touching our souls deeper to discover our pure us.

Going for a hike is a chance to reflect, recharge and reconnect with yourself when you've been too busy to take notice.

7/ Hiking reduces anxiety and depression

Hiking reduces anxiety by quieten the mind and allowing you to zone in on your breathing to a meditative state. For natural stress relief and an instant mood boost, head outdoors.

9/ Hiking with friends

Hiking alone can be a spiritual and rejuvenating experience, but hiking with friends and sharing the experience can bring you closer together to form stronger bonds and create lasting memories.

10/ Learn to live in the moment

When was the last time you concentrated on being truly present and in the moment? The beautiful simplicity of getting out into nature removes that barrier between you and the natural environment. Everything is up close and real. No filters, just nature.

Challenge yourself and make it a routine in your life to go for a hike at least twice a month. Your soul will thank you for it.

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