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w.o.m.e.n Adventure Journal: Pantoll Stinson Hike & Gourmet Food

Updated: Mar 10, 2023


Today the group went to Pantoll-Stinson, the vibes were good, and the weather was tamed.

The hike was coastal, half with stunning coast views and other trail sections with lush redwood forest with creek full of water. We got the best of both worlds!

"Another fabulous day! So beautiful. Thanks for everything!" - Nancy and Donna

Today's group of ladies consisted of Helen, Nancy, Elena, Irina, Jamie, Donna, Kendra, Yevgeniya, and Anna.

We had a couple wonderful newcomers and some familiar faces.

Connections and relationships were built and lots of laughs and stories were shared.

We got to trek across mossy bridges.

We got to climb wooden step ladders hugging a majestic waterfall.

"We are women. We hike near + far enjoying each other + the beautiful scenery of the bay area - such a blessing this group is." - Jamie

We even got a great viewpoint! This hike truly was something else.

After the hike we got rewarded with a gourmet meal served and we shared stories and spent time enjoying each other's company and relaxing. As always we cheers to our perseverance and completion of the trek with a glass of cava midway with some healthy snacks.

Elena is seen above sporting our white w.o.m.e.n cap and white tee, and Jamie peeking out in the background in the black cap, check out the shop on our website if you want to join in on the gear fun!

Overall it was another great hike, finished with a great meal with a great group of W.O.M.E.N!

We w.o.m.en build our story one step at a time!

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