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Let's Go! Ignite Your Free Spirit Outdoors

We soak in nature's gifts, and in nature, we escape. We are one moving outdoors. We are wanderers. We discover, share, connect, and have fun. We find new energy and balance through nature. Our space to relax, feel free, and be ourselves. Nature speaks. We listen. We tell the story to inspire others to feel the outdoor movement difference.
We are diverse, bold, authentic, curious, supportive, fun-loving, free spirit, bubbly, joyful, cheerful, outrageous, playful, powerful, confident, fun, and kind. We are redefining women.

Join our movement! Be part of our w.o.m.e.n tribe and feel the difference.

Cultivating mindful moments connecting and savoring healthy meals outdoors

Make 2023 a year of movement outdoors. Be challenged. Be fit for life.

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