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Private Event Journal: DSA Women Physicians in Leadership!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

October 9, 2022


Journals about this very special private event planned a couple of months ago.

Sharon Mowat is part of the w.o.m.e.n group, and from the first day she participated in one w.o.m.e.n event, she told me about these Physicians in Leadership group, and how she would love to plan one of the w.o.m.e.n events for her group. We finally made it happen, and it was super fantastic! The initiatives connecting women are in line; the groups have the same purpose.


We hiked at Shell Ridge from Borges Ranch. A great loop part on a single track rests in the broader trail, so we could have more connecting time chatting.

Because of the large group and not knowing their skill level, I usually opt for a no longer than a 5-mile hike. Even with the distance, some Doctors were afraid not to make it as they were not used to it or their lives were too busy to experience it.

I explained to them that that was not a problem. Everyone will make it. I told them my excuse is always to take pictures of the group so it regroups everyone and we take many

breaks. They smiled and loved it.

Of course, everyone finished the hike perfectly. There were a couple of steep areas but one was right at the start so it made the rest of the hike feel a bit easier.


I decided to make a special Spanish meal that of course included the traditional Paella, tapas, and salad.

Making paella for groups always brings them together.

It is a very special dish that traditionally in Spain also connects families and groups mostly on Sundays.

There were some people that did not eat different meats and others were vegetarians so I decided to make a special only fish paella for 24 and another small paella for the vegetarians.

I had the salad in the back to serve after the tapas. Ladies kept looking at it and asking if it was ready to be served.

I told them that "no" we were going to do the 3-course style of serving.

1st tapas, 2nd, salad, and veggies - last the paellas.

There were plenty of smiles about it.

There were also a lot of comments about how organized it all was, all matching colors also. They loved it!

And they absolutely loved the presentation of the food and how it tasted, they did not expect it at all. One lady said they thought they would only get a sandwich, no way, I hope they were pleasantly surprised.

And we continue moving together, enjoying the great outdoors, connecting, and taking time to breathe and reset.

We w.o.m.e.n


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