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Featured Woman: Helen!!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Your Life. Your Path. Your Story


My name is Helen.

I am a fun-loving and easy-going Scorpio.

I have been married to an amazing man for almost 25 years.

We have two kids, a boy, 17, and a girl, 14.

I work as a Senior Project Manager at the City of Oakland.

I am originally from Kiev, Ukraine.


A friend of mine invited me to the group and my first event was to celebrate her birthday with a hike. It was during the pandemic when a chance to be with others was such a treat.

We hiked the China Beach and the Land’s End and ended with a beautiful meal and a million-dollar view of the bay and the Golden Gate bridge.

I had such a blast that I was instantly in love with the group, the energy, our fearless leader, Raquel, the whole concept. There was some gin and tonic involved at the end of the hike for the birthday girl’s celebration, so it was an added bonus!

Helen is in the middle, standing with the post hike glow.

I always loved being outdoors, but hiking is one of the activities that I got into a lot more during the pandemic. It allowed our family to stay connected with many friends when having indoor events was not recommended. Joining the w.o.m.e.n hiking group brought a tremendous amount of joy in the company of other women. It’s also way more rewarding knowing that a mid-hike break with a sparkling wine is awaiting in addition to a great meal, a relaxing outdoor atmosphere with fantastic women, at the end of the hike.

Helen on the right, strutting the bridge and thriving in a conversation.

There is something about the feeling of accomplishment after a long and sometimes strenuous hike, taking the hiking shoes off, putting a cozy jacket on, getting comfortable in my camping chair, and the anticipation of being served an amazing meal.

My favorite part of the events is the collective energy that the group creates. It’s always slightly different but uplifting every time. Being part of the w.o.m.e.n group energizes me. It’s fun walking the trail next to someone new, striking up a conversation, and making a new friend.

"Taking time for myself, being in nature, and getting out of the hustle and bustle of daily life is something that I would love to do more often it's something I really look forward to and that makes them very special. "

Helen's tip to you:

Changing into comfortable shoes at the end of the hike is an amazing feeling!

Helen fills in the blank:

I would never go on a hike without bringing my water bladder backpack

Connecting with w.o.m.e.n outdoors means fueling my soul for the need of connection, love for others, and gratitude for my body

Spending time outdoors with other women has allowed me to meet new women that I would not otherwise meet anywhere else. I also enjoy bringing friends to the hikes, everyone that I brought has had a fantastic experience.

From Raquel,

When I met Helen, I sensed a wonderfully peaceful, positive vibe that made the connection between us grow nicely since then. She brings this cheerful glow to the group whenever she can be in one of the events. I love the times we can cheer mid-way during the w.o.m.e.n events to celebrate the self and the simple times we get to be outdoors. Thank you for being that human that feels good to be around. I am truly enjoying getting to know you more and more. With much appreciation, Thank you again! We continue challenging ourselves with the hikes in our area. We continue connecting in and out; we invite growth and simple times to re-joy the soul.

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