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Feature Woman: Judi!!

Your Life. Your Path. Your Story

My name is Judi Warehouse.

I am a Widow, a Grandmother, a Friend, and an Adventurer.

I heard about this group from my friend, Kendra after seeing her postings on Facebook.

I love hiking with this group of women for several reasons: they are fun, interesting, open-minded and funny.

My favorite part of sharing gourmet food with these women is the appreciation that we all have for Raquel's culinary talents.

I love hiking with the w.o.m.e.n because we are all strong, female-focused individuals who bring unique qualities to this group.

I have been validated by these women.

Far left in blue shirt, "Being a part of this group is an amazing experience. "

I appreciate that it is good and wonderful to be strong, have opinions about different things, and appreciate what others bring to the table both literally and figuratively.

Being outdoors is wonderful for the body and the soul and having gourmet, healthy food after each hike is the icing on the cake.

Judi in purple shirt smiling with friends on a bridge during a hike.

Judi's tip to you:

My hiking tip is to never get discouraged.

There is no right or wrong in hiking. It is all about the experience. If you need to take a rest, just do it. No shame. Remember to keep going because when we complete our hikes we feel good about ourselves for accomplishing a goal. And, of course, there is delicious food and wine to enjoy with the other women at the end.

Judi sporting her white w.o.m.e.n cap in the middle.

"Thank you Raquel for planning, cooking, and creating a beautiful experience for us. I especially love how you present your food. The esthetics are truly remarkable."

A grateful member of w.o.m.e.n,


From Raquel,

Judi, thank you for your presence in the group. I am grateful for your support and I am fortunate for our new friendship with you. I am happy you discovered the group because of another great member, Kendra! Thank you. You have recently joined us, and I have truly enjoyed having you with us. You are a strong hiker. You bring many wonderful background experiences and knowledge that you freely share with us. We continue moving, connecting, learning, growing, and building experiences together, one step at a time. Thank you for being such a great member of our tribe.

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