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Adventure Journal: PACIFICA

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Oct 3, 2022

We meet at 9 Am. Funny is always the challenge to ensure we are all meeting in the same location! I have info on the event page, plus I share screenshots with the address but no matter how many times I share the info there is always some struggle for a few to know exactly where we are meeting. Taco Bell was the one landmark everyone this time could see and had as a reference. Some were further from it or close, but in the end, we all gather and were able to meet at the right spot. ( 30 min later :) )

Today's group of strong ladies was Masha, Elena, Soyeba, Yannick, Irina, Anastasia, Anna, Svetlana, Allene, Nancy, Lis, and Andrea.

The trek was supposed to be flat for about 5 miles, however, the plan changed a bit. Not because of distance but because that location does not have well-marked trails and many can be taken without knowing the condition or distance. The first 2.5 miles we did were easy to get to Mori Point but then we were supposed to retrace back and instead of going the same direction, we took the hill section with the unclear trail marks. Very beautiful views of the expansive Pacific Ocean but also some tricky steep areas to take to go down back to the beach. It was certainly an adventure.

"Another amazing hike (although I have to say—not exactly as planned. Together we made it! Always delicious & healthy food! Thank you, Raquel"— Anastasia


At about the 1-mile mark we saw dolphins at the distance. That was unexpected and as always so wonderful to see.

The mid way spot we found to cheer for our adventures and have a couple snacks was another highlight. We had the relaxing beautiful views and took time to take some really fun photos.

Also, many women brought their w.o.m.e.n gear - we took advantage of it and took some nice photos with the t-shirts, and hats.

"I woke up today— Thinking that I need an excuse for not going but I went and It was an amazing experience as always. Ocean, food, company—Never doubt yourself that you can't do it! Love is more beautiful because of w.o.m.e.n!" —Rena ( Irina)


When we reach the beach of Pacifica it was time for the gourmet picnic food. Everyone gets their chair and gets comfy to enjoy a great sunny day.

It was perfect weather.

Raquel took her time to prepare a super yummy green soup - It was to die for and so healthy!

Then came the flatbread, tortilla with mushrooms, and a super tasty mango salad.

We cheer for the birthday girl. Lena. Her b-day is wed.

Also, Masha made some super yummy desserts for the special occasion.

Another super fun event. We connect in and out. We make new friends. We share amazing stories. Great laughs, and wonderful times being active outdoors

"Thank you, Raquel! This is my 3rd hike, and I feel like it's getting easier, and I am finally getting the hang of the trek! The company is delightful and food afterward is to die for! Love it—All of it!" —Soyeba

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