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Adventure Journal: Halloween!!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

A spooky Halloween special!!

Everyone in their rocking costumes!

Sunny day, wonderful blue skies, bay and golden gate views, Halloween spirit, and gourmet food. We had it all.

We started our fun walk with Halloween costumes from Crissy Fields towards the Golden Gate. We had incredible views of the Golden Gate from start to finish.

The day was clean and crisp. We walked by the shores, and many other people walked, ran, strolled, and played at the beach.

We even saw another fun group, but this time it was a husky dogs group, and all of the doggies were dressed up! So fun!

We made many stops to take lots of photos. It was a special day with exceptional scenery and, most importantly, fun women ready to have a great day!

We were dressed up but comfortably - not in full costumes so we could easily walk 5 miles.

At the end of our walk/hike, we had the perfect spot to eat our meal.


We were happy to be ready to enjoy our meal, play Halloween tunes, and dance.

2 of the hikers disappeared for 15 min. While preparing the food to be served, I wondered where they went. And then, just like that, they popped with 70s-style roller skates, and there they went dancing with the rest of the group.

We were sipping on some cava and dancing to Michael Jackson - thriller-style music.

So much fun, so much laughter.

Women were laughing, in costumes, with amazing views of the bay, and as always, enjoying great gourmet food prepared by me.

It was perfect.

This time I offered a yummy fall soup - butter squash, sweet potatoes, and ginger soup with my unique toppings, grilled chicken, salad, and roasted vegetables. Everyone loved all.

It was a Halloween special event that was unforgettable. It has now become a tradition and one very memorable one. I can't wait to do it again.

We keep moving, connecting outdoors, and taking care of ourselves away from daily routines.

We are w.o.m.e.n.

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