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Adventure Journal: Bay Bridge

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Be inspired to get out and move. we are w.o.m.e.n.

October 22, 2022

In today's group we had: Elena, Sabina, Helen, Irina, Masha and I.

There were a few last min cancelations which caused a small participation this time, but we had a great group of women ready to spend time together experiencing the bridge walk together. One of those you gotta do at least once.

The uncertainty of wind or no wind on the bridge is one of those things that can make a walk on the bridge a great day or not. My focus is never on the weather when planning w.o.m.e.n events, and this one was no different as always; when not doing so, it turns out to be the best day.

The challenging part was finding a good spot to eat after, so I searched ahead of time for other nearby locations that could be an option to eat instead of having to do it at the parking lot entrance to the bay bridge trails.

We then decided not to move anywhere but stay in the parking lot to eat. We were comfortable, and it was quiet.

While I got all the food out rest were chatting and sipping on some cava. As a norm, I gave some chips and olives while preparing the soup. This time squash and sweet potato soup w/ ginger and a combination of toppings. It was exquisite! Yummy!

We could have a complete meal with soup but not after a rewarding walk.

After the soup, we had healthy spiced tofu, salad, and flatbread.


Surprisingly the parking lot was not bad at all, very clean and not loud as we thought it could be.


The bridge is known for being very loud with the buzz of many cars traveling on it every day, we started the walk towards SF from the Oakland site.

The air was crisp but pleasant. No wind. Clear skies with just some pretty clouds bring more beauty to the walk.

We walk at a very comfortable pace from one end to the other taking abundant photos and completing the back-and-forth 5-mile walk on the bridge by 11:30.

Walking the bridge is one thing you must do at least once. We can now check to mark it done! And did it with great women's company, beautiful conversations along the way, and topping it off with delicious food.

And so the women's adventure journals continue; this Saturday, we celebrate a nice walk in the city Halloween Style- Stay tuned for the following journal. If you can not be there, you can always follow us here!

Raquel ( Group leader and provoker of mindful and positive changes )

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