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3 Ways to Get Outside on Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving Day is a favorite holiday because it slows us down to reconnect with friends and family.

Though most of the holiday's focus is on the meal and time around the table, It is excellent to try to fit in some quality family or time outdoors. Here are some Thanksgiving Weekend outdoor activities.

Run (or walk) in a Turkey Trot

Start the day off right by getting your family to race in a local Turkey Trot. Not only will you be starting your day by staying active outside, but you'll also be giving back to a great cause since many trots give back to schools or charitable causes.

Go on an after-feast meal hike.

Don't we love hiking?. A nice long walk, whether on a trail or around your neighborhood, gives your family or group a chance to keep the dinner conversation going while getting some fresh air and burning off some of the extra big meal you all just ate.

Walk through a festival of lights or attend a tree lighting.

For many, Thanksgiving is the beginning of the holiday season, and this means that it is time to get a tree, decorate, and start playing Christmas sweet tunes.

Towns often have their Christmas Tree lighting ceremonies on Thanksgiving night or the night after. It's a perfect opportunity to bundle up, grab a thermos of cocoa, and feel the Christmas magic emerge with your friends and family as you watch the tree light up. Many cities also have a local trail of lights where you can drive or walk through a glowing winter wonderland.

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